Chicago Berserkerfest-Sunday ****LOST AND FOUND****

blue jacket


tote bag “brooklyn Industries”

cheese knife set

approximate timeframe we’re talking about? and you’re in northbrook still (per your location on WB)?

Me, + 1.

depends on the golf event. One, if it’s still taking place. Two, how many that are coming to my house will be golfing.

am in northbrook. hoping to start by 3. earlier based on above.

have a nearby hotel recommendation? current plans are to be downtown and fly out sunday, but could extend to fly home monday morning.

If there is a need for a block of rooms, I can talk with the local Hyatt. They owe me a favor.

Jordan, Chris Weaver hasn’t heard back from the highland park golf course yet. He was going to check back with them either today or tomorrow

i’d be interested, but i’d imagine most people planned this out better than I have. in the meantime, count me in.

while i’m here inundating you with questions, what’s the standard lead time you’d allow for a early morning flight out of ohare?

Please count me in for this.

in for sure, not sure on the +1 (but she’s not a big Prime steak eater anyway)

In as of now.

in +1

Freemott +1

Me + 1.

at minimum an hour at the airport if not checking bags. 1:30 to be safe

Me + 1 (she does not eat meat, though)

Please count me in.

Me+1 (hoping Jill will join us)

Golf at Sportsman’s in Northbrook, Glencoe Golf Course, or Chevy Chase Golf in Wheeling probably the best options relative to Jordan’s home. Happy to make some calls, if needed, just let me know…

Golf on Sunday, makes little sense if coming from the city with a non-playing +1 to Jordan’s house. Not going up north, coming back, and going back up again.

I could see playing 9 at Waveland if in the city, then heading up. Separate outings for city and burbs a possibility?

Ken that would be great, those courses are an easy drive to Jordan’s. I am waiting to hear back from HP country club and sunset valley. I am not sure when the permanent tee times start…

Any idea on how many foursomes???