Chester the Molester in the Cheetos spots....funny!

I HATE Cheetos but these spots are FUNNY:

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Love the Chester character, he needs a talk show!

Is Gandolf providing his voice?

Love the commercials.

Too bad the product is full of salt and all kinds of bad stuff for you, right Dick? :wink:

Oh my GAWD, the best one yet:

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Love Cheetos.

Trader Joe’s baked cheese crunchies (or whatever they are called) are also excellent, but the commercials suck!

The one with the pigeons rocks!

Haven’t had Cheetos since I left home over 50 years ago.

It would be very informative to compare the ingredient labels of Cheetos circa 1958 with what they sell now. Probably 0% overlap other than the salt…

From the Frito-Lay website:

I suspect they’ve been made primarily of corn since the day they were invented.

I don’t think they had ingredient labels back then.

The baked cheetos are good. I haven’t had the real ones in years, but my recollection says the baked ones are as good as the real ones.

I’ve been digging this series of commercials. The laundromat one with the Cheetos in the dryer is my fav.

“give Daddy a kiss”
“blah blah blah”
“pappa chester is proud of you”

“good… BETTER”


Here in Japan they add sugar to the Cheetos. Weird, but my 4yr old loves them. I do not. Sweetos? (Insert barfing smilie here)

David [1974_eating_popcorn.gif]

Do they still call them Cheetos?? I don’t recall that from the last visit… pic of the bag/label?

Commissary or locally bought?

The Comm has the same Cheetos you can get everywhere in the US. San-A and other local stores have what I call Sweetos. They label them Cheetos and the bag/artwork is much like the US version plus kanji.

David [drinkers.gif]