Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener

Is Chef’s Choice still the go to electric sharpener? For European (Wüsthof) blades, which model is best?

I see so many models for different price points.

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener, Diamond Hone; Multistage Model# 300a for $50

100W for $66

The 320 model for $100.

Edgecraft 0110000 Chefs Choice Diamond Hone Multistage Knife Sharpener No.110 - for $85 (has the pre-sharpen thingy on the left and is designated Professional)

100W is $66; M130 is $130 aond 120 is $140???

What’s up with that?

Nancy – I have a Chef’s Choice Professional 110 that I purchased 20+ years ago and use for Wüsthof and Henkels blades that are even older. Never had any problem. But I have no idea how this compares with what’s on the market now.

I am in the exact same shoe as Claude except my knives (1 set of each; the joys of a Kosher kitchen) and 110 sharpener are only 14 years old.

Our Chef’s Choice is the 100 and has served us well for many years. I just ordered the 110 for my son-in-law. It looks like it will be just what he needs.

They have fancier models, but the three-way 110 looks like the one that will serve the purpose.

Will the 110 properly sharpen only European edged knives? I took a look on their website, but it’s not clear whether it’s appropriate for sharpening Asian knives also.

Jim, I think the newer versions are good for both Euro
pean and Asian blades. SIL only has European style, so that is what I went with. Not sure which models are for both, but maybe an enlightened soul will chime in for others to learn!

There are some manual sharpeners, such as the 463 that will work on Asian blades…

I have a Chef’s Choice 15/20 Angle Select. One slot is used for Asian blades, the second for others; there is a third slot for fine tuning all knives. Works pretty well for both Asian & regular blades.