Curious if anyone has any experience with Checkerboard in Napa. Was recommended their wine, but it’s excessively pricey. Would like to know if anyone here has purchased/tried - felt like this was worth the investment.


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I know nothing about this wine but found it fascinating that there were hundreds of bottles in CellarTracker for each vintage up to 2012 And then from 2013 onward there’s almost none even though they are still producing wine. What’s the story here? Do they hold back until they feel the wines are ready? Or?

Agreed. Wines are by Martha McClellan, whom also makes Toymaker. They are very highly priced (entry level bottles are 375).

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Checkerboard has four separate vineyards on the property, three of which make single-vineyard cabernet. That started with the 2013 vintage, I think. 2013 Checkerboard will have Aurora, Coyote Ridge, and Nash Creek. It should be like that with every vintage onwards.

These are big, plush, modern wines. If you like that style and play in that price point then you’ll really enjoy the bottles. I’d recommend Nash Creek.

Disclosure: I spent a year there as Martha’s assistant winemaker.

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A few things about Checkerboard:
-First vintage was 2006
-Martha McClellan has made every vintage (she also consults for Sloan, Vineyard 7&8 and makes Levy & McClellan)
-Total case production is 1500 cases, and all estate.
-Rose (100cs), Sauvignon Blanc (100cs), Impetuous Red Blend (300cs), CABS - Kings Row (300cs), Aurora (300cs), Coyote Ridge (200cs), Nash Creek (200cs)
-Diamond Mountain appellation, vineyards are at 600, 900, 1200 & 2000 feet in elevation
-Red wines spend 27 months in new French oak, and 1 year in cave before release
-The wines achieve a great balance. Harmonious and integrated - they age gracefully as well as being gorgeous in their youth
-Yes, I work for Checkerboard! :grin: