Cheapest Loire Cab Franc you could enjoy?

The '18 Pallus Messages is pretty terrific at $19 retail in AZ. Other than that I like the Baudry Grezeaux and Guion Prestige from this list.

Venture down to Bordeaux, where on the right bank you can actually find some CF that gets ripe enough!

My pick. Don’t buy it often, but the few I’ve had have been good. Maybe just lucky.


Domaine de la Chanteleuserie’s Bourgeil Cuvée Alouettes and Cuvée Beauvais are both pretty solid wines in the mid-teens.

Although I’ve seen Arnaud-Lambert’s Saumur Clos Mazurique in the $16-20 range in my area, Wine Searcher shows a $21 average price. This is a pretty impressive Cab Franc by an up-and-comer, who is also making exciting Saumur-Champigny and Saumur Blanc, as well as a standout Crémant de Loire.

Domaine des Chesnaies Bourgueil Cuvée Prestige, at ~$15, is worth drinking and ages effortlessly for 10-20 years.

Plouzeau Rive Gauche?

Can Franc, eh?


Granges is into double figures and then next contender only has 3 votes.

Thanks for voting and your comments.

Yes! As well as his Les Lisons for a couple bucks more (~$18)

This is a seriously impressive drink for the price point- wonderfully fruit forward red Cab Franc. Looking forward to try his whites as well.

I agree. Limited selection up here in AB but Saumur reds are on my list.

On a couple of terribly hot days, I’ve been drinking a chilled 2017 Domaine de la Petite Mairie ‘Butte de Tyron’ [Bourgueil] which is a small plot of all cabernet franc, hand harvested. Low 12.5% abv for our modern era, and I find it to have ripe fruit with bell pepper, mint, oregano notes etc. The Butte de Tyron cuvee is raised in stainless / old foudre, so doesn’t taste of wood, nor have any tannic structure. Compared to a cab franc driven St Emilion, I’d describe it as looser, rounder, and softer but in good ways. It’s pretty gulpable, and was best on the first glass/day. I don’t find any sediment in the brown bottle, or glass. On the palate, the flavors are an Oceanspray blend (Cran-Cherry? Cran-agranate?) and offers a summer friendly blend of medium body plus lightness/freshness while still wearing a healthy ruby robe. This is a Rosenthal Wine Merchants selection and offers oenophile interest for less money than a right bank example of this varietal. Typically I do not have much interest in Loire reds, preferring the blanc from this valley, but this is convincing. Easy B+, maybe higher if one’s tastes were aligned on the Sociando Mallet / grilled green bell pepper quadrant.

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