Chateau-to-Chateau Transportation in Bordeaux

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I’m a long-time lurker on this forum. This is my first post.

I will be travelling to Bordeaux in a few days to compete at the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup: My teammates and I will be arriving in Bordeaux a few days before the competition begins, to tour a few chateaux. I’m wondering how best to arrange the chateau-to-chateau transportation during the tour. I hope to avoid renting a car. But I fear that it will be difficult to arrange taxi pickups from one chateau to another, even as we stay on the left bank.

Does anyone on this forum know whether it is possible to arrange taxi rides from chateau to chateau (and back to the city of Bordeaux)?

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.


I don’t know if taxis would be a very good idea. The Medoc is a pretty rural and empty place aside from the chateau and a bit of the riverside drag in Paulliac. Villages are pretty small and empty and i don’t know how many local cab firms there might be. You risk having your taxi drive up from Bordeaux and greet you with €100 already on the clock, and waiting charges would be very expensive, if they even accept to do that. Car hire would probably be best, and maybe you could explore if there are private limo/van services in Bordeaux that you could get for the day? Maybe try tour operators for this kind of option…

I don’t know if France does this, but in Spain we have a few local taxi drivers who live in the villages. They have regular routes that go from the villages to the cities and back. Their fares are not expensive. It may be worth while to call your hotels and ask if you don’t get a good answer here.
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Ask to use Leve’s bdx town car. He won’t mind

Thank you for your responses, all. After much emailing and calling to chateaux and hotels, we’ve decided to use the services of VTC Grand Ouest: They’ve been responsive, and they’ve offered fair prices. For example, they’re quoting 80 Euros for a van from the city of Bordeaux to Palmer.

I’ll plan to participate more actively on this forum in the future!