Chateau Palmer 2016 for $274, what the what?

For value shoppers, they have the excellent 2014 Sociando Mallet for $37.00. Order 10 with that code and get a per bottle price of $27.99. Wow.

Another promo code FBPRO50 gives $50 off $150. Thank you FB for tracking my activities.

Thanks. Do any of these work for spirits?

A Japanese company based in Intercourse, Pennsylvania…

Just when I tell myself I’m done buying wine for the year, something like this comes along and I totally redeem myself.

They will not ship to NY

They should, but what they ship varies by state location, which is why there is a “ship to ___” tab at the top because that will change your choices.

They only ship certain wines to New York.

Same here, “oh well.”

What is everyone buying?

Ordered 2 2016 PLL as well, did not see any limit. Shipped to to CA.

I got another 4 bottles of marchand tawse clos de ormes 2015 (which is an absolutely fantastic wine) and a bottle of bedrock 2018 OVZ with the code for < 250 shipped with the code, crazy.

Isnt $320 for 2 bottles the regular going price?

I love marchand tawse wines!

Went with 2x Billecart-Salmon Rose and another 2014 Jamet. Wasn’t really planning to buy more wine this year, but my wife loves that Rose. The Jamet…

2 btls of ‘15 Mayacamas and 1 btl of ‘16 Gary Farrell Russian River Pinot

No Jamet to CA either, damn.

Ah, THAT’S the problem - dammit.

Thanks for the codes! My family and I took full advantage…we cherry picked a few ‘16 Bordeaux gems, and then used the GPL and Domaine de Chevalier to get just over the $150 and $300 thresholds. Outside of a case of ‘16 GPL that I recently bought at auction, this was my first purchase of ‘16 Bordeaux.

‘16 LLC
‘16 VCC
‘16 Figeac
‘16 Cos d’Estournel
‘16 Pichon Lalande
‘16 Domaine de Chevalier
‘15 Grand Puy Lacoste x 3

$1300 for the 9 bottles, inclusive of sales tax.

In Texas, has a terrible selection and even worse pricing. The only time I buy anything from them is when this sale comes out. With $100 off a $300 purchase, I can beat out local retail by about 10-15% once shipping is added back on.