Chassagne Montrachet Rouge

Can’t recall ever having a St. Aubin rouge. Curious how these taste compared to CM.

Caroline Morey 2019 Chassagne Rouge. Third time with this wine and it continues to impress. Opened yesterday and it has crunchy red fruit, good acidity, nice depth and a long finish. A tart berry nose, some minerality and good balance. On day two It seems to show more structure. It is still a mid weight wine that is all about balance. A real nice wine priced in the mid $40 range.
Recently purchased the 2020 version and will give it a try soon.


In regards to your question about St. Aubin rouge Hubert Lamy makes an available one. I found it to be more dark fruit and a more structured. Good but not what I was looking for. Caroline Morey makes a Santenay rouge that is more on par with the Chassagne rouge style that I prefer


Caroline Morey’s Santenay Les Cornieres is pretty awesome!

We recently had Caroline’s 18 Chassagne Rouge and 18 Santenay La Comme Rouge. The Chassagne was delightful, but we found the Santenay over oaked and too ripe. Wondering if it was just too hot in Santenay in 18?

Tried the 2019 Thomas Morey Clos Saint-Jean and it was an elegant wine. Crunchy berries/fruits with chalkiness. Sapidic long finish, sneaky and quite hidden tannins lurcking in the background.

Curious about how it will develop, quite primary now but can imagine it goes full on silky sensual at some point.