Charity dinner and auction: Saturday, December 10th 2022

I don’t think there are many board members in Maine; this is not next door, but it’s a gala occasion for a good cause. Feel free to come from anywhere in New England or even New York.

Every year, Cook’s Lobster House in Harpswell, Maine sponsors a charity event for Harpswell Home Heating. This year it’s Saturday December 10th.

My town of Harpswell is beautiful and prosperous. But there are a lot of people living here whose families go back 100, 200 or more years. Many of them are old and retired on fixed incomes. The taxes on their homes are a burden. We contribute so that they don’t have to choose between a cold winter or having to move.

Cook’s donates 20% of their revenue for the evening, but there is a list of dinner specials and those proceeds are 100% donations. There is a big silent auction, featuring lots of local goods and services, with 100% going to charity.

I contribute wine. It’s mostly every day stuff. Bids are usually about half retail value. When I sold my business earlier this year I inherited a lot of odds and ends… what do you do with the last 9 bottles of a Chateau Pegau Cotes du Rhone from the previous vintage?
This year I will donate about 20 cases of good, everyday drinkers. A Berserker could show up, bid $100 on a $200 case, and spend $100 on dinner for two. At the end of the evening, you’ve got $200 worth of wine, plus a full belly and a tax deduction.

Cook’s is a big restaurant, but this event draws a crowd. I ask any interested board members to reply to me in this thread, or by message or e-mail, and I will make sure I have a table or tables big enough for everybody who wants to come. Cook’s does not have a great wine list, but a few better bottles will definitely be opened. I hope to see some of you there.

Dan Kravitz


Wish I could make it. I’ve come down with Covid a few days ago and just lost a bit of my sense of taste as well. Praying this is brief.