Chardonnay Is So Ysterday..All Hail Picardan

As linked in the WineTerroirist, we find in the DailyBeast:

Of course, TablasCreek was instrumental in getting this minor Rhone variety into the USofA.

I thought JasonWilson’s comment were important:

Indeed…if it wern’t for the Calif folks taking an interest in Condrieu, Viognier could very well have wallowed in obscurity to this day. Calif can very well
take credit for rescuing Viognier from extinction. Maybe the same thing for Picardin.
Same thing can be said of Tribidrag.

I take a raft of $hit from certain quarters here (not to mention any names…but you know who you are!!) when I taste a Timorasso or a Tazzalenghe that impresses me and then
proclaim that this is a grape they should be planting all up & down the Coast of Calif and making world-class wines. As they say…“a prophet in his own time…”
It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. I think Sam’s Idlewild Cortese is world-class and as good as anything I’ve had from Piemonte.

Anyway…an interesting article in which we discover that Picardin is going to be the savior of the Texas wine industry.