Chandon de Briailles 2007 PV Ile des Vergelesses

Had this wine last night. Really beautiful. I have had this wine a couple of times previously and it had a great nose but the palate was not quite there yet. Well, it has taken 13 years but the palate has caught up to the nose. Very pure pinot fruit and a lot of it with beautiful acidity. Still a bit primary and this may gain complexity with more time but I wonder if it will ever provide more absolute pleasure than it does right now.

Great to hear, sounds lovely. Makes me even more glad to have one of their GC in my cellar.

This domaine always delivers great value, and glad to hear 2007 is showing well. An underappreciated vintage for many.

Good to hear, I have a single bottle remaining and will let it rest a bit more. Enjoyed it previously but seemed like it needed more time.

Anyone have insight into the 2010 or 2012 vintages of this wine? I drank my 2007’s too early. It was still young when I last had it in 2015 or 2016. I am sitting on 24 bottles of the 2010 and 18 bottles of the 2012, but have yet to open one. There are two recent notes in CT on the 2010 saying it is either “advanced” or “won’t improve in the cellar,” but I find that hard to believe given my experience with wines from this producer. My guess is both the 2010 and 2012 need about 4 years, as I have found 12-15 years post-vintage to be the sweet spot.

As an aside, CT says the value of the 2010 is only $30. If anyone knows where I can get it at that price, send me a link! I think current vintage is around $55-60 on release in the US market, maybe more.

I tend to agree with you on this. The dumb phase for whole cluster wines from classic vintages can be very tough. It makes them all the more magical when they come back around, IMO.

I find that a lot of posters on CellarTracker cannot tell the difference between Burgundies that are over the hill and those that are closed and need more time. Given how great a vintage 2010 is, I would be very surprised to find wines from CdB to be over the hill, although I have not opened any of mine yet.

I haven’t tried either since release, but I find many CT notes to be silly in terms of their aging curves for Burgundy.

But if you have 24 and 18 respectively, I’m thinking you should take one for the team! champagne.gif

Yeah–totally agree about cellar tracker. As soon as someone starts calling a young burgundy over the hill, or "drink up’ on an 8-10 year old wine, I move on quickly.

2007 wines gave the impression of an early maturing vintage, and many folks consumed their wines early, but my take was that they really were going to follow a fairly normal burg trajectory, not reaching the kind of satisfying mature qualities that we all are seeking, until somewhere in the 10-15 year range. I’ve actually saved most of mine. this report is encouraging, and I think I’ll start dipping into the stash.

I picked up three of these a year ago; it is coming right into the sweet spot. Not especially complex, but delightful nonetheless.

From CdB, I have started drinking my 2007s from PV but have not yet touched my 2007 Cortons and Volnays.

Love the producer and the wine, I find the aromatics pretty when they are very young, then goes through long period when they are shut down, as mentioned. I tried one a couple of years ago and it was too early.


The first time I tasted their wines was when I visited there in 2007. Did not know what to think. The wines seemed well made but they are hard to drink young. A couple of nights later, I saw an Ile des Vergelesses with age on it on a wine list at a restaurant in Beaune and decided to get it. Then, I could see how what I tasted would turn out and have been enjoying their wines ever since - but NOT at too young an age.

I actually enjoy tasting them on release (they were carried by a shop I used to frequent that had themed tastings every day they were open). Love the aromatics.

I think the long shut down period may help keep the prices reasonable.


Bummer, I drank my last of a four pack like 3 years ago.

Agree. Will take one for the team this fall once I pick up the wines from the distributor. I bought 140 bottles of CdB as part of a parcel deal to take 100 bottles of Mugneret-Gibourg, which was the primary target. But I’m glad to have the CdB wines and find the winemaking very impressive. The wines remind me quite a bit of Domaine Bize, but at a friendlier price point.

Btw, I recommend Levi Dalton’s interview with Claude de Nicolay, who runs the Domaine with her brother. Claude comes across as a warm, intelligent, and curious person, which is reflected in her wines.

Of the parcel I purchased, 54 bottles are various vintages of the Aloxe Corton Valozieres, which I’ve never tried in any vintage, and which has very sparse tasting notes in CT. Anyone have experience with that wine? It sells for somewhat more than the Ile de Vergellesses, but I’m not sure why. Is Valozieres considered to be a superior terroir, or is Aloxe Corton just generally better reputed than Pernand Vergellesses?

This is a great thread.

While I certainly have no objection to disparaging ct drinking windows, what I’m not completely clear on is whether folks who have recently tasted this particular wine (the 07 IdV) feel that there would be a lot of upside to additional cellar time. When I tried it in March 19 my impression was that it was probably as good as it was going to get, but I freely admit to being fairly inexperienced with burgundy aging curves.

I am currently finishing the last glass of the 2010 CdB Les Vergelesses that I have been corvain’g for a month now.

Cherry, pomegranate, horsehair but no brett. and a sweet mossiness on the nose and palate.There is a rusty iron note as well. very subtle and non intrusive. Lush edges with a still firm core of dust and chalk. Savory cherry on the palate. I really like this wine and so glad to own wines like this. Reflective and nuanced wine that seems Pommard like at this point. The structure beneath speaks to a long curve ahead.

So glad to come across this post because it reminds me that this is the first red Burgundy that I’ve tasted – down to the vintage. I tasted this 5 years ago, a bit closed but still had the beautiful rose aroma and acidity. Thank you for sharing!