Champagne with Omakase

What would you all pick to pair with dinner? General omakase. I’m wavering between a few options but haven’t paired many of the below with food. Thanks in advance!

Cristal '08
Krug 163
Bollinger LGA '08
Billecart Brut '08
DP '08
Older grower '99 (recent disgorgement)
Bruno Michel Rose '02
Grower BdB
Grower BdN

Aged Chablis (04 or 05)
Younger white burgundy


In before “you should drink sake or beer” scold arrives in the thread.

You appear to be blessed with an abundance of great options. Any Champagne with good acids would seem to work well. Chablis or White Burg would work fine too, though probably Champagne is a more perfect pairing, especially considering omakase can include beef and other things in places.

I had 08 Cristal on Wednesday and the bottle was really singing - so much intensity to the flavors and spices.

163 or 09 Cristal if you can find it. Almost any Cristal except 08 and 04 would work well.

I finished my 09 Cristal bottles :l but agree on 163, drinking really well.

I would go with the 2008 Bollinger LGA

I want to choose the 08 Cristal since i have multiple bottles but I don’t want to open it too early!

I don’t think it’s ready; it shows great potential but would take awhile to open up.

I like an elegant, not-too-old BdB. It should have the acidity to hold up well to beef, uni, etc., but shouldn’t be rich enough to overpower the more delicate sashimi and other dishes.

I’d almost certainly go with the rose.

I agree. Will hold up with wide variety of flavors.

Thanks all. Everyone more or less chose something diff :slight_smile: Appreciate the input

Jeff, Champagne across the board is great with Omakase. For me, I like to drink more than one style and intermix with high end Sake. You will be getting such a variety of tastes and textures, that you will have fun with different Champagnes and Sakes and their interactions with the different dishes.

I think you can’t really go wrong with any of your options. Sometimes it’s good to just enjoy the food and not focus too much on the wine. I would assume the food is the main focal point.

Doesn’t Champagne just go with EVERYTHING?


Me too. But it depends on the restaurant; a salmon or tuna heavy selection absolutely requires rose IMO, one without much of those fish may not need it so desperately.

Whichever Champagne you feel like opening will be about as good as it gets to pair with a bunch of different courses. There’s no right or wrong answer from a pairing perspective. That said, I agree that ‘08 Cristal is nowhere near ready to drink.

I am plus one on this

My preference is always Rose Champagne with sushi, especially if you get a range of dishes including fatty tuna, wagyu, etc.

Same here. That’s what I bring for Omakase (but saké would be first choice).

Jeff, who the hells knows what tomorrow has in store for any of us so don’t hesitate on the 2008. You have shared you own multiple bottles so open one and taste some of the joy that is 2008 Cristal. FWIW, I have had both 2008 and 2009, and after finishing a few, I re-sourced some more. These are brilliant wines, and I prefer the 2009, along with it being one of my WOTY choices for 2019.

In my view of this hobby, we do ourselves a disservice when we avoid opening things because we want to wait. Find joy now! champagne.gif