Champagne and red Burgundy with dinner at La Rive in Amsterdam

While dining at the classy upscale La Rive Restaurant in the Hotel Amstel Amsterdam AKA Intercontinental Amstel Hotel, i opted for the 6 course vegetarian pre fixe dinner after having one of the best vegetarian meals ever a few years ago. I choose to forgo the 6 glass wine pairing {the first glass was Saki} and ordered the 2 things I love the most, champagne and red Burgundy.

I had numerous quality 1/2 bottle selections available from an extensive and sophisticated wines list. The table situated next to me purchased the Krug 375 ml that I was considering and they claimed it was “sour”which is not a descriptor I have ever used nor needed thankfully, so I’m not sure of the merit behind the evaluation When the somm brought another bottle and it was not acceptable to them either, I’m thinking I’m not going there.

I chose the NV Ruinart BdB in addiiotn to a 2012 Bertagna les Murgers 1er Cru. The Ruinart was perfect and the red Burg was one of my favorite red Burgs this year.

NV RUINART BLANC de BLANC BRUT- this was just what I was looking for with bight acidity, a nice citrus and apple pear flavor profile and a frothy, light creamy mousse; it had good weight and substance and just kept pleasing with each sip. My palate was now properly prepared for the food and next wine that followed.

2012 BERTAGNA les MUGERS NUIT SAINT GEORGES 1er Cru- I actually chose this over a much more prestigious label that carried a much bigger price tag and accompanying pedigree; i just had the feel this was the one to go with and lo and behold, it was stupendous; for me, it was in perfect balance with robust aromas and flavors that included serious mildly toasted black raspberry, blackberry and black current fruit; it was full bodied and had amazing weight and energy, yet was so easy possessing an element of elegance that still allowed for the expression of the power that was behind this, but it was easily approachable and just said, “come on in and enjoy the fun”; fabulous wine; memorable solo occasion. A standard bearer for what distinguishes red Burgundy from New World Pinot Noir.

I shall return sooner than later.

Cheers/ Proost,

I went there once many years ago. Is it still One Star?

I didn’t see anything to indicate they still have a star or 2, but I did find some info online: “awarded one or more Michelin stars from 1993 to 2016”, so I presume they are starless.