Chamber St. Chenin Blanc Seminar -- any other Berserkers participating?

Hi all,
Still don’t know if they can ship to me in Virginia (haven’t heard back from customer service), but Chamber St. is selling a 3 bottle chenin pack, with a Zoom seminar on Nov. 1. Seemed interesting and chenin blanc is one my wife just discovered she likes.

Just wondering if any other Berserkers are attending?

Have a link for that?

search the page for Chenin (or scroll about halfway down).

Looks like they do ship to Virginia. Yeah.

The sample wines look like a Vouvray, Anjou, and one from Clarksburg. Don’t know vintages yet but am looking forward to the tasting.

I’m not doing it but I trust CSW on chenin 100%.

I have a friend who ordered wines from them from Virginia. They seem to have worked out the shipping logistics for lots of states.

Ditto, especially if Pascaline is leading the seminar

I checked. It’s neither her nor David.

But I can’t imagine anyone working there hasn’t soaked up in-depth chenin knowledge.

Nice seminar. Three wines, a Cali Clarksburg chenin, Anjou, and Vouvray. James Sligh led the discussion and CB was obviously one of his favorites.

Discussion on history, terroir, differences in Cali vs Loire, differences in the Loire (granite vs limestone), food pairings, and even an apres vin discussion on the CMS scandal and general state of the wine/restaurant industry (non-political, just matter-of-fact from interested parties).

Overall a good social gathering, Zoom style. Educational, good wine, good people. Would recommend seeking out these kinds of seminars when Chamber St. offers them again.

I’ll post more on the wines later, but they were all very good.