Chalky Tannins

seem to be a way of life with me these days. And while I am drinking a new wine here and there, I’ve also been pulling the corks on plenty of old stand-bys and simply don’t recall these fairly familiar wines presenting with tannins that suck the moisture out of my mouth and throat.

Could it be the simvastatin I’m now on?

Could it be yet the latest manifestation of living the last 30 years on the high desert plains?

Could it be the damn tannins in the wines simply are winning out?

Perhaps I should go back to drinking zins? [beatoff.gif]

or you could just lay-off the ganja [gen_fro.gif]

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! That made me laugh.

Terry, have a glass of whiskey, then get back to us around midnight PST.

Just guessing, of course, but wouldn’t that be cause for the wine tasting bitter? [foilhat.gif] [cheers.gif]

Certainly medication can fool with our taste buds. But I would think you’d notice differences with other foods and beverages as well.

What are some of these old stand-bys? That might tell us something.

[whistle2.gif] [shrug.gif] [whistle2.gif]