Any great suggestions for a place to stay overnight 2 nights in Chablis?

Disclosure: I dislike when the first reply doesn’t answer the OP’s question. Having said that… :slight_smile:

Please be sure to visit Domaine Wiliam Fevre. If you earnestly ask Berserker-ish questions about their wines and farming methods, they will (hopefully) welcome you with open arms and open a bunch of stuff not on the regular list. Seriously, when we walked in, I could almost hear the staff person think “Terrific. More Americans.” He lit up when we started asking about the elevation of specific vineyards, etc… It ended up being one of the highlights of the trip.

And don’t forget to try the ginormous gougeres, and not the tiny weekend tourist versions that we’re used to.

My wife and I really enjoyed our stay at the Heart of Chablis B&B in 2018. As suggested by the name, it is very well located just off the main road in the middle of town, an easy walk to many restaurants and tasting rooms. There is free parking about a half block away.