Chablis 2022 recommendations


Heading to Chablis 25-27 of May for the first time.

Any good recommendations to restaurants, things to do etc.

For restaurants, a great wine list is more important than the food for me, but if it would have both…

Thank you in advance,

I was in Chablis last month. Le Maufoux (across the hall from the Fevre boutique) and Wine Not are both places you should go to. Note that Le Maufoux also has a location in Beaune, so make sure your reservation is at the correct location!

Wine Not has a retail section as well, and I picked up some bottles for a nice price.

Right next door from the Fevre store is a restaurant with an impressive wine list. Don’t remember the name.

Auberge Du Pot D’Etain is 30km from town that’s worth the trip.

Perfect, thank you very much. The Wine Now was new to me, so will definitely tag that in my Maps.
Appreciate all the help

Le Maufoux. :slight_smile: