Ch. Belair Monange 2009

The 2009s were made with only Belair fruit, and the Magdelaine vineyards were only incorporated in 2012.

The wine was dark, with as one would expect, no sign of browning. The nose is rich, dark fruit, and relatively simple. There is a tinge of spice but this is fairly anonymous. Hard to say that it is even Bordeaux, blind my guess would be a medium quality California wine. Not my style, but typical of where so many Saint Emilion wines have been going.

This is not one of those Luddite diatribes; the wine is well made, and very amiable. My wife liked it more than I did, but remarked about its lack of finish. For me, the problem is its lack of complexity. One glass was about all I could take.

I have not tasted it post the absorption of Magdelaine except in barrel. I have a 2014 downstairs, and will open it next month. A more classic vintage, and some great terroir might make for a better wine.

Not so much.

I have 2 bottles of the 2008. We stare at each other occasionally, but then move on. Gilman liked the 08 ok

EDIT: screwed up Gilman’s name for some reason. Sorry 'bout that

Mark, do you think the issue is more the winery/vineyard or the vintage. I am not a big fan of 2009. Could that be the issue.

I believe his note mentioned “I was just looking for the other half of this bottle.”