Ceritas Heintz

Quite possibly the best wine I have ever had. I got a case of this and try a bottle every few months. When this wine comes up to temp, its amazing. Oddly enough I like it much better at room temp, than slightly chilled.

By far my favorite chard. Maybe porter bass this fall will exceed this, but for now, this is it.

Sorry Copain, your a VERY close second.

I was not a fan of Chardonnay an then I tried the '10 Heintz. Changed my life. Absolutely love this wine. Great choice!

Which vintage??

I just left a note here about the 2010, which is just glorious.

Two bottles of the '11 just showed up on wine searcher at a shop in NY…

The '11 is my white of the year so far. Just gorgeous!

I have three bottles of the '11 but haven’t tried them yet. May open the first one in July or August.

I liked the Heintz when Brian and I tried it in April at the winery, but for my palate, I liked the Martin Ray just a little bit more. I’d buy both but the Heintz is sold out, although I think the Martin Ray is releasing in August.

Hopefully Littorai’s is just as good…have some coming down the pike later in the year.

I found the Martin Ray to be my favorite when tasting it back at IPOB. Very excited for its release. Great portfolio of wines…

was drinking the 10 sorry :slight_smile:

Tasted a nice line up at the release pick up in April. The Heintz was not my #1 of the '11 chards - very acid/mineral driven (not a bad thing by any account!). The Peter Martin Ray and Porter Bass had beautiful texture and were sexier all around. Needless to say, I’ve already placed my order for each.

My wife would agree with you Matt. She finds the Ceritas Heintz a step too acid-driven and much prefers the Porter-Bass, which she’d drink 3 nights/week if she could!