central cali cult wines. good luck

Wine Enthusiast Magazine Online: Luxury Wines From California’s Central Coast. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwqpOSji4

Perhaps the wrong person to ask, since you are merely a messenger, but…how does messing with glycol help with tannins?

Those are just refrigerant lines to control temperature and pace of maceration and fermentation.

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Are luxury wines only so because of their expense? Seems like every “project” in California comes with a >$100 price tag and that the wine media fawns all over them in the race for something new to write about.

I am, unfortunately, guilty as charged when it comes to following hype and laying down cash for “highly recommended” and totally unproven wines and neglected wines that have been solid for decades. I have strong doubts that the secondary market will be kind to many of these wines. There is already such a glut of them out there for sale already. Hope those who have them in their cellars when the music stops like to drink them, as the boom in prices seems fueled more by speculation than anything else.

Sexy chocolate v unsexy chocolate. I’d like to know more


I have heard, for an wine BB FACT, that these wineries have extended the use of their guest houses to Robert Parker and will of course have 98 to 100 pt ratings.

After reviewing luxury-level wines that he can’t himself afford, Contributing Editor Matt Kettmann uses the extra heavy bottles for bicep curls in his Santa Barbara garage.

I’m trying to figure out where a $275 Paso Cab fits into my shopping list, but it’s a troublesome question.


I’ll pay anything for Olallie berries & coffee foam in my wine.

Of everything a contributing editor could write about, he chooses these. Just wow.



I see you what you did… You visit Parkers sake ratings much?

I don’t but it seems others here live by them - Tex?

Luxury Wines (Read: Millionaires and Billionaires prestige game.)

What is the big deal?

Want to buy a curated New York dirty-water hot dog?

Right after the luxury toilet paper, lined with fur from olallieberry-fed, coffee foam-washed chinchillas.

Reminder: de-claw the chinchillas…