It’s my go to wine store. Ben is always there for me! Good to see he got some publicity. Well deserved!

I have both bought and sold here. Ben is pleasant and this is an extremely reliable business. Recommended with no hesitation.

Dan Kravitz

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I’ve bought from them several times. Cooperative about consolidating orders and waiting for shipping weather. Products are as advertised.

Buy with confidence.


Only a few years away from resuscitating decade old threads!

P.S. Cellar Raiders is legit

This is true, but like any second hand store, provenance varies significantly between lots. I’ve gotten absolutely pristine bottles that were obviously single owner and also bottles that clearly were traded several times and ran through who knows where over the years. One time I got a cooked wine, he did offer me half bottle credit, which was a nice touch. He is very good about storage during the weather and pretty reasonable shipping costs all things considered. He does charge NY sales tax, however, which is unfortunate considering how high it is. But he’s still one of the offers that I never miss in my email box. He’s also good at sourcing specific bottles that may not be on his website. He has a very deep personal wine cellar and like any good businessman everything is for sale for a price. :wink:


Called him yesterday around 2:30pm ET hoping to get a bottle of wine for the thanksgiving.
1986 chateau Margaux.
Paid thru the phone. He sent the bottle to FedEx overnight .
Received it n Florida 10am.
Mission accomplished.

Ben is the man!

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Ben is easy to deal with. His store was close to
My old home