Cellar thinning strategy

If you’re like me you’ve had different stages of evolution in wine buying and mixed in with the wines you now enjoy are some that you’d rather pour down the drain than in your glass.
My solution for disposing these wines over the holidays is pretty simple. I buy a large bag of mulling spices and always have a crockpot going with a large amount of spice. It fills the house with a great aroma and you can burn off multiple bottles a day.


Hopefully, you’re talking about $15 daily drinkers. :no_mouth:

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“The bouquet of the 1971 DRC unfurls from the crock pot with…”


I force myself to drink anything that is not tainted as punishment for not listening to all the people who suggested that I shouldn’t start seriously cellaring until I had a lot more tasting experience.


Even in my early years I don’t think I carried $15 wines downstairs to the cellar.
There are some that were fancy $25 wines that made it in there somehow. :laughing:


I’m still cellaring some wines that were around $15 or a little more. Mostly Cru Beaujolais.


That doesn’t sound like changing tastes as much as poor purchases from day 1.

This is probably true. I’ve become more of a snob and more of an asshole as I get older. At the same time i find myself running out of places to stash wines. I also find myself drinking less frequently…so when i do enjoy a bottle of wine I want it to be something worth my time and the effect on my body.
I broke my neck and had a spinal cord injury that left me as a quadriplegic 5 years ago. It is interesting to see how quickly alcohol can trigger nerve pain throughout my body. I still justify drinking…but it has to be some heavy lumber. The rest is great for sauces or mulled wine. :joy:

Are you drinking any of the mulled wine or just boiling it?

The first couple of bottles were 2002 Galante Sauv Blanc and then 2005 Margerum Pinot Gris. I tried that and had immediate regret. After that i quit testing