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Former attorney and small retail business owner in mid-40’s seeks winery work in California. No experience in wine making or vineyard management. What is the best course of action? Mailing out hundreds of resumes? I live in Phoenix currently so I can drive over to Cali. Should I drive over and pound on doors? What expectations should I have? Do winerys hire people like me or do they look for 20-somethings out of UC-Davis? Is there a place I can find out more information? I am aware of winejobs.com as a classified site.

Thank you!

the Davis jobs board is a good resource too.

Threads that may be helpful:



Wineries want the people who will be capable and do the best job and not cut corners. Sometimes those are people who are exceptionally enthusiastic, such as those who are willing to drive out and hand-deliver resumes from Arizona, rather than a UCD-trained Enology student who has not yet stepped foot in a commercial winery or worked a crush.

However, do not come out here and pound on doors. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am busy enough that I don’t even appreciate vendors with whom I have done a lot of business showing up without calling first (exceptions made for those who arrive with a 12-pack of beer). Mass mailings or emailings are bound to get at least some response.

And don’t mention the whole attorney thing. Besides their abrasive personalities, they have terrible cellar habits - always looking for shortcuts and an easy buck.

Harrison, I hope John sent you a PM confessing that his comment is entirely in jest. The only thing worse than those attorney interns are those attorney winemakers. Attorney growers, on the other hand, walk on water . . . . neener neener

Attorney winery owners are very pushy. [snort.gif]

What’s your point?