Cellar full of wine and nothing to drink

$1000 for decent white burgundy premier crus? Where are you shopping? I have a bunch of decent white burgundy premier crus I will sell you any of them for $800 - 20 percent off!!!

Stuff like current release leflaive pucelles is approaching 1000; not even talking about stuff like lamy caillat or the other lamy haute densite stuff.

Ramonet ruchottes etc is 5-600+. A couple years ago it was 100.

Most of the good Meursault perrieres are pushing 1000 such as Lafon, dancer, pycm (obviously Coche is more).

Or are they going to last? With White Burg, one never really knows.

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For Meursault, Henri Germain is still a bargain and just as good.

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If good = highest priced, usually for weird reasons, then you have a point. I have to admit the $1000+ price tag for the Vincent Dancer took me off guard. Who is paying that kind of money for premier cru Vincent Dancer? (Probably the same people paying $1000+ for Arnaud Ente. Both good producers, but really…)

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I like Germain but don’t think it’s at the level of those other producers.

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Dancer’s Perrieres can be absolutely spectacular in the best vintages (like the 17, for example), I don’t think Ente is comparable.

This is exactly how I feel. There is a lot of really high quality Bourgogne Blanc out there that is knocking right at the door of village level wines and up. Between those and Chablis 1ers, I’m pretty much set with white Burgundy. Contrast that to Bourgogne Rouge as to which I find the quality gap much wider.


Chris, have you had any premox issues with wines under DIAM?

This is the one that has personally hurt the most. I adore these wines and it’s been hard to let them go.

I don’t think so, but I have no idea whether @R_Frankel ’s wines are all under DIAM or not.

Just a light quip anyway, not meant in any bad way.

Everyone has their hobby horses. Mount up and ride on, brother.

Why buyng a new release, when you can have ex chateau releases (of course with a premium) for much less?

I received this offer a few weeks ago.

Agree, I’ve noticed that too. A similar question, is “what do you collect, whites, reds, both?” It’s really fun to respond with “champagne!” as many non-geeks don’t even think of that as wine.

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My response to the drink/cellar red/white question is “neither!” And then I get a strange look.

All bubbles, baby!