Celiac - recipes, suggestions, etc

A friend was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She’s not thrilled. Anyone have any recipes they want to share, or resources,etc. Any good gluten free foods out there that I can pass along. thanks

Yikes Gimli, for a second there I thought you’d misspelled celeriac.

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I’ll do some research and post later.

Not a recipe, but there is a lot of new research about both Celiac and Crohn’s disease and the role probiotics can play. There are supplements you can buy with very high numbers (30-35 billion cells/day) that can help. There is a call in show on the NPR station I listen to on Saturday mornings that has a lot of good resources on the web site- Ask Dr. Dawn. The station is KUSP.org, or just go dierctly to askdrdawn.org. She has some full hour interviews on the subject.

My best friend’s wife has celiac and it hasn’t slowed down her “foodieness” one bit.

If they go to sushi, she brings packets of gluten-free soy sauce. She eats quinoa, uses rice flour for baking, gluten free crackers with cheese; there are a lot of options out there. Also, Whole Foods offers a lot of gluten-free products.

http://www.celiac.com is probably the best source for info and recipes.

celiac.com is a great site. You might also try http://www.clanthompson.com/index.php3.They are not as extensive a site, but have a few recipes and use to have a couple of good products such as a downloadable shopping list of gluten-free products. Haven’t checked the site out in a while, so I don’t know how up to date it is. Good luck.

Two good friends of mine have celiac, and I’ve picked up a few tips from them along the way.

• Chain restaurants are verboten. Unless they have a specific gluten free menu (some do) avoid them entirely. Most dishes have some form of gluten in them, even if it’s not obvious from the description.

• Rice and potatoes are your friends. There’s a world of delicious risotto out there, not to mention almost any kind of potato dish your heart desires.

• Learn to read the ingredients list on everything you buy and find hidden forms of gluten… things like malt, caramel color, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and dozens of others that I can’t remember.

• Most products marketed as “gluten free” are expensive and not very good. Actually, the NY Times had an article about this yesterday. The article stresses the importance of seeing a nutritionist as soon as you’re diagnosed. The Expense of Eating With Celiac Disease.

• There are exceptions. One of those friends is a wino. Anytime she comes over, I make sure I have a few boxes of these crackers around to accompany whatever cheeses we have on the table. I’ve come to really enjoy them myself even though I don’t have any problems with gluten.

Thanks for the replies so far…i’ve forwarded them all along!