Celebrate Berserkers Day in Style! Join the Bubbly Wine Tasting, Jan-27-2018, NY,NY

I promise not to broadcast the party if that will encourage attendance, just saying champagne.gif

(plus, I don’t have fb)

I would love to do this one, but I will be working.


The next NYC Flyertalk wine dinner is Sunday June 3, 2018. It’s held at North Square in the private room. If anyone reading this wants to attend, let me know.

I’m bumping this one up as it is few days away… who else wants to join a bubbly champagne dinner? champagne.gif

I’d love to fly out for this but instead we’ll be celebrating my daughter’s birthday at home!

Seriously, live feed this on Facebook!

Thanks Dan. I will put it in my calendar. That time of year can be tough depending on what is happening in the vineyard.

How does this work? What should I bring?

Bring a champagne that does not suck [cheers.gif] you can even bring two champagne.gif .
We have already listed some 2004 Bollinger Gande Année; A little Deutz Cuvée William vertical (I know we have '06 and '02, I think maybe also
the 2000?), a '06 Taittinger Comtes, some grower bubbles, I might add '09 Jacquesson & Fils Rosé as the number of rosé is not as I expected.
Great Greek food. Fresh fish, meats, great veggies. Everything to match a great champagne lineup against the greek meal.

I will more than likely bring a 99 pol roger Blanc de Blanc. I can bring a 96 vueve la grand anne or a 40 year old bottle of vintage port instead. Any preferences ?

I’d be very happy with either the 96 Veuve or 99 pol Roger. :smiley:

Is this restaurant still open. Their website is down and Yelp says they are closed.

Yes they are open!
Been there last night to verify the logistics etc.

They have been in business for more years than I can recall and we held there events before :slight_smile:

They are ready and looking forward for the group :smiley: Got the Deutz William vertical bubbles there already to be properly chilled, and all other goodies that were sent in advance

Thank you all for joining last night and helping with both verticals and horizontal evaluations… It takes 16 good people to evaluate 18 good bubbles. TN to be followed

Would you or any of the other 15 attendees be willing to share tasting notes or at leaast general impressions of the Champagnes. Inquiring minds want to know…

My bad, got overloaded. I have them in draft on the side. I’d try getting to it tonight (TUES).