Cayuse release tasting notes

I’m not one of those in the ‘in’ crowd, so didn’t get to taste anything extra special, just the regular line up and here are my impressions…

13’ God only knows- The nose was really perfumes, cherry, funk, garrigue, bright and fleshy. The palate was odd, metallic with a clipped finish, lots of berry fruit and decent acid. The palate is a bit concerning.

14’ Widowmaker- Bright rich cassis on the nose with dark cherry, cocoa powder, moderate tannin and silky palate, this is long on the finish with acid that carries it through.

14’ Cailloux Syrah- Bright, vivid nose with a little Cayuse funk, olive brine with deep dark fruit. Not much depth at this point, very straight forward.

14’ En Chamberlin Syrah- Funk, meat and dirt, great nose that goes on and on. Palate is loaded with fruit, pepper but a little foursquare at this point, short finish.

14’ Bionic Frog Syrah- Round, dark and meaty, very primary and honestly a little underwhelming. I think this thing is so packed it’s just going to need time to unwind.

13’ Armada Syrah- Deeper, meatier than the Frog with a hint of funk and roasted nuts more barrel notes with baking spice and almonds. To me this is all about olives, brine very sexy that finishes with dark fruit and a little green peppercorn.

14’ Impulsivo- A little one note, very lush reddish fruits but not a lot of depth.

12’ Walla Walla Special Syrah #4- Best nose of the day, Cayuse funk in spades, lavender, garrigue, bramble berry with a moderate finish and good length on the palate. To me and several others, the WOTD.

This was an odd tasting for me at Cayuse… I have always enjoyed the wines and felt they were deeper with more stuffing, I have to believe that vintage and ripeness has something to do with this as these show great depth and wealth of fruit, just not a lot else going on. These will be long agers in my mind…