Cayuse En Chamberlin hard to find?

Why is the '08 Cayuse En Chamberlin so difficult to find at retail this year? The Cailloux seems to be available at reasonable prices with a bit of searching, but the Chamberlin is just non-existent. Even the retailer where I got my '07s last year didn’t get any and they got at least 4 3-packs of the '07.

Anybody? Jared Wagner?

There maybe a couple of reasons that your retailer wasn’t able to source any 08 En Chamberlin this year. The first is that there just isn’t that much made of the En Chamberlin versus the Cailloux:

En Chamberlin Cailloux
07=407 cases 07=792 cases
06=408 cases 06=744 cases
05=290 cases 05=733 cases
04=372 cases 04=536 cases

As you can see, the Cailloux production is almost twice that of the En Chamberlin. Thus, a bit more of the Cailloux hits retail shelves. Secondly, the production for the 08 vintage was down a bit from 07 so not quite as much wine was available to retailers. Third, so few bottles get to retailers that not every store gets the same allocation each year. Lastly, the 07 En Chamberlin just got a 100 point score from the Wine Enthusiast so I think demand at this particular point in time is very high for any bottles of En Chamberlin.

I very well could be way off mark, but I think those might be some of the reasons that you are having a hard time sourcing some.


Ah - that makes sense. Just the info I was looking for. Thanks, Jared.

And, btw, it’s not just “my” retailer - I meant retail in general compared to my ability to find the '07.

Wasn’t aware of the 100 from WE, either.

Hey. Where did you get the production numbers? I haven’t ever seen them published before.

Those production numbers were the case amounts listed on the Wine Spectator notes for each of those vintages. They are may not be 100% accurate (who knows with Harvey), but I think they are pretty darn close.

JW, I thought those were your allocation numbers… not total production