Cayuse and Kosta (SV) Releases

I’ve pared way back on list orders, but these two seem to get my attention every year. My cellar is syrah-heavy but mostly non-US and I actually skipped the Cayuse syrahs last year (now not seeing them in the allocation). Always wishlist the widowmaker and the BF but never wind up with any. Not sure what to do here. I hate “futures” but now rolling every year so you kind of forget the cycle.

The KB Single Vineyards are always a crowd favorite with my friends, and I do enjoy the wine (although the app wines are clearly a better value - and I use value lightly)…

Thoughts here?

Thoughts here?

I have a couple…

  1. Expecting true deep thoughts here can sometimes be rare.
  2. I agree that you clearly seem to like syrah based on the two wineries here. neener [stirthepothal.gif]
  3. Personally I would double down on the Cayuse and skip the KB. Sounds like your friends like it more than you.

Officially dropped KB today.

When did the KB offer come out? No email here as of yet.


Just a save the date.

I am going to open a bottle of KB to confirm if it is worth the price to stay on the list. Last time I did this with Cirq i thought i would be dropping, instead I bought my full allocation…on second thought this may be a bad idea…

Ha! Don’t do it . Stick to the Cirq at the high end and find some lower priced PN’s that are equivalent to the KB.

I liked Cirq until they jumped the price $25 per bottle.