what do you like, where do you source it?
thanks very much

Astrea, BerserkerDay!

Kaluga is, IMHO, the highest QPR product on the market now. The characteristics that I appreciate about it are large size, firm texture and clean flavor. There is some variation from tin to tin but I have found that condition is the most important determinant of quality. I source it wholesale but it is available from most caviar retailers.

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Code CLAYFU for 15% off.

our company - we’ve done a few berserker days. We are all over restaurants in California and Las Vegas. Getting a foothold in some of the hot spots in Nashville. Also in some other restaurants around the country.

Any questions please let me know!

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Agree with Kaluga. Have ordered from Urbani and Imperia most recently…

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I eat (not often) either Adamas or Calvisius, which are the 2 top Italian brands.

How is Imperia? Prices seem maybe too good to be true?

Have only ordered once but it was great. Prices seem to be where Urbani was 6-12 months ago.

Low margins operation. Also get what you pay for :sweat_smile:

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