Caviar, Creme Fraiche, & Blinis w/CalSparkling Wine; Miso Soup, Gyoza, & Sake

Mid-afternoon yesterday we finished the Kelly’s Katch Paddlefish caviar on blinis with creme fraiche; with a very nice 1986 Piper-Sonoma Brut Blanc de Noir - no oxidization; good mousse, and good fruit. Then we followed with a nice dinner of miso soup with shrimp gyoza and pork gyoza. Our cat always notices when we’re having oriental food; he loves nori and other aspects of oriental food. We also enjoy oriental food. We started with a Junmai sake - Somo no Tengo ‘Forest Spirit’, when we finished that we had a Kiku Sui, Junmai Gingo sake. Both were good with the two bowls of miso soup with crumbled nori and the gyoza (potstickers) with Ponzu, Gyoza, and Soy Sauces with a Chili-Garlic sauce. Then we finished with a couple glasses of Averna Amari as a digestiv.