Catered whole roast pig in NY

Thought it might be fun to do as a summer party for 40+. Has anyone ever done one, and if so, recommendations?

A friend had Redbones BBQ (from Boston) cater a party in Westchester, complete with smoker truck. If I recall they brought the truck the night before and did all the cooking on site. It was fun and very good. Probably not quite what you are looking for, but an option. It looks like Blue Smoke and HIll Country (and probably other NYC bbq places) have this as well.

Buy this and do it yourself

Years ago I went to an offline at Daisy May’s. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves and two whole pigs. Was a good time.

If Tri-Tip instead of Pig will do, Frank Ostini of the Hitching Post in Buellton - that’s California - told me he will travel anywhere.

If you have the space and a backhoe, try Kalua Pig. Used to do this at the Elks Lodge years ago for up to 100 people, plus we had a local troupe put on a hour plus Hawaiian dance show.

Kalua pig is a day an half of work but oh so good. Dig the hole the day before the “party” and have a party preparing/cooking the pig. We used to get the pig(s) in the ground about 10 or 11 PM, cover them and continue to party while sealing all the heat/smoke leaks until 1 or 2 AM. Start digging the pigs out at 5 PM for service at 7 PM.

they deliver!

Hi Mark,

If you’re willing to drive out to New Jersey Arnold bought a great whole pig (lechon) from a Filipino place earlier this year. I can get the name/location for you.

Just read on Chowhound that Plates in Larchmont uses the caja china to roast the pig at one’s house.

If not, here’s your sure-fire solution (prices are not too bad for JUST the pig part):