Catching up with some great wines.....

Quick background - I have been collecting for almost 30 years and have been on this board long ago. My wife (primary taster) traded wine for Tequila a couple years ago so I have lots of bottles sitting ( and aging) in my cellar.
Decided to start opening some of the best wines with friends and family for my 65th last year ( outside on the patio per Covid )

Anyway here is the lineup:
2000 Lynch Bages , Realm Absurd 2013, 2000 Harlan Estate, Chateau Latour 2003, SQN Duel, Scarecrow 2007, Maybach Materium 2012, Dominus 2007, Grange 1996
This was over a year ago so just for the record the consensus #1 was Maybach followed closely by Scarecrow.
Not a bad wine in the bunch.

Everyone said we should do it every year so last week and - I prefer older wines so here goes:
1994 Montebello , 1996 Haut-Brion, 1996 Henschke Hill of Grace, 1982 Montelena, 2007 , Aubert Chard 2006, and 1963 Dow’s Port
Chard was really very good - well integrated and in a perfect place - smooth as silk
Montelena also surprisingly in good shape though a bit on the barnyard taste for me.
Montebello also smooth and very tasty not a hint of decline.
Henschke actually took a short time to open but again a big winner all around.
Finally the Haut-Brion has been hit or miss a few times from the case I purchased @ $120 per - now that was a bargain and probably a 99-100 pointer
can’t say anything but wowsa !!

Not great notes but I hope I have encouraged some to be patient with their wines - it is worth the wait !!!

Thanks for the notes…Did you feel like the Haut-Brion has further development ahead or is this about at peak for you?

Great stuff Josh. My only critique is you should do this every six months! [cheers.gif]


I bought a case and this was probably the best of about 5 or 6 I have tried over the years.
I think it is in a really good place and I hope it will stay for a long time but why wait?

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