Case/Pack offers (Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Sauternes)

I have had a number of requests for different case and pack offerings and I do have a bit of wine to declutter. I’ve decided to put together several different options people can choose from.


I have the following available for Burgundy:

Mixed higher end cases x 4 $1250 each including shipping.

These are the same as the ones I offered before, a mix of village, premier cru, and grand cru wines including some rarer/allocated bottles. Price is up a bit because shipping costs have increased dramatically.

High end 3 packs x 2 $900

These are mostly grand cru or high end premier cru.


12 pack drinker x 3: $750 (I realized I’ve been paying >$100 to ship most of these cases because they’re very heavy). I will include one higher end bottle in each case.

3 pack high end x 2: $750 (includes champagnes like dom, Cristal, Vilmart cdc, chetillons, etc). Someone got Egly Crayeres in the last couple packs.


12 pack mixed x 3 $1200 shipped

These packs will be a mix of bottles but may include board favorites like bel air marquis de alegre, magdelaine, and many second growths. At least one bottle will be relatively more expensive, with wines like LLC, Ducru, Pichon Baron or Lalande, Lynch Bages, etc.

3 pack higher end mixed x 3: $600

Wines are from the “more expensive” category above.


3 pack x 2 (750) $400

My selection includes newer vintages as well as af least one bottle from the fabeled 01 vintage. Producers include Rieussec, Suduiraut, La Tour Blanche, Climens, and others. Basically anyone except Yquem.

3 pack x 1 (375) $200

Same deal as above.

Let me know if you’re interested.



Pm sent


Didn’t get one yet?

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Updated for sold.

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To clarify, the number after the pack is how many I have remaining.

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Updated with remaining quantities

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Any comments to offer on the vintages?


They are a mix; if you go to my other thread some people posted what they got in the packs. Most whites are recent 14-19 and reds are more often recent but go back as far as 97. I would say most of them are 13-19.

Updated for sold.

I’ve received several requests for customization and I’m happy to do so if I have the bottles you’re interested in. Feel free to ask.



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Updated for sold, only a couple burg higher end packs left.


Updated for sold, thx guys

Still have the higher end burg packs left? :slight_smile:

Yep pm sent

Michael try

I think it’ll be half that. I just shipped a heavy (24lbs) six pack UPS across the country for $21. Also no questions at the counter ect.


That’s pretty decent. I compared it to my FedEx account discount and it came out quite a bit cheaper.

Really helpful link.


Hi. Any more of the highest end Burg or Champagne packs? Please let me know.

Yes 2 of each left.