Carlisle - the wait is over!

At last, from waiting list to mailing list flirtysmile

Wow, me too.

What did you get offered?

Me too. The email came in around noon today.

No offering yet. The email says an offer will go out on July 16.

This is my first summer offering (made the list in January). Love me some Carlisle, looks like a big offering – this is going to hurt.

i gotta say, this offering does not hurt at all, and I am all in… i may even ask for an extra bottle or two from Mike flirtysmile

Welcome aboard. One ship that I will never get off of. Over the last few years, I have dropped many mailing lists. This one was never on the table.

I had emailed MIke a while ago and he said that he wasn’t sure but I PROBABLY was in with this offering. Lo and behold, I get that beautiful email this morning… flirtysmile

You guys that are getting added, start buying and take everything you get. I have been buying the wines from Mike since the 2003 vintage and Mike has really dialed things in now and is humming. There is IMO plenty of wines out there for same or higher price that can’t touch the Carlisle stuff so don’t be shy when you get the order this month. Hit it.


And truth teller. But still — enabler.

Ditto what FMIII said.

i am still leeching off of friends i guess?

Glenn, that’s not a bad thing, I just checked CT and without being on the list I have somehow accumulated 2 cases.

The only day I ever have 2 cases of Carlisle is pick up day.

Does that mean you drink it faster than you buy it??? [wink.gif]

That would probably have been me too, except i was always worried i wouldn’t be able to get any more. Looks like i can put a few down now! [dance-clap.gif]

i did get 11 bottles the last release!

Unequivocally. I try to hang on to the SVD’s, but they all meet their maker way, way before Mr. Officer even thinks I should be thinking about thinking about them.

This will be my 4th offering, and although I’ve yet to get allocated at least one bottle of everything, my allocation has went up with each offering. But to make room, I’m probably going to have to drink a few 2006’s :slight_smile:

I was traveling to CA yesterday and got the wonderful news on my phone. My wife was wondering why I was screaming like a kid on Christmas morning and I explained that I loved her very much and that she shouldn’t look at the credit card bill in a few months… [dance-clap.gif]