Carillon My Wayward Sons

TN: 2008 Louis Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Perrieres

Lemon tinted. What a nose! White peach, a slight but agreeable mealy character, chalky minerally citrus and marzipan. On the palate medium bodied but beautifully proportioned. A rich fruit feel to accompany that minerality then a lengthy citrus finish and acid lift.

I have put a number of these in storage to keep my hands off them a for a couple of years. Have yet to open any of the Francois or Jacques bottlings (they split the Perrieres). It would be wonderful if the sons can continue in the same vein.

I have one bottle of the '96 left - still fresh and lively. Even the Carillon village Puligny from '96 aged great

maybe the wittiest topic line in WB history, Toto…well done

Kansas, not Toto.

Love the wine. Love the thread title.

Bravo on the title!

Thanks for the note. I have a 6 pack of this that I haven’t tried yet.

Think Oz. Kansas resident.

Rather than Toto, Africa?

Scanned the Wine Talk posts a few times today, ignored this post (sorry), and the title hit me on the 4th scan. I don’t have Carillon’s P-M Perrieres, but this post title ain’t no dust in the wind.

A good one.

Love the title. Well done Jeremy.