Cape May

Stone Harbor is really nice…

Then Neil doesn’t have to worry about Joey or Frankie drinking Shlitz beer next to him

That’s what I want to avoid, Broose

Hope you find the right place for you . And it’s Schlitz , btw . I know how much you lawyers like accuracy .

Had dinner at The Red Store tonight, no set menu except we had a choice on our main protein of pork, scallops, strip steak, or yellow tail. Everything else was small plates that were the chef specials for the night. A charcuterie board, fresh tuna tartare, empanadas, kale/radish/endive salad with a bit of smoked salmon, then the main dish, and a small custard dessert. Byob so even better

Restaurants are great!
BYO are numerous.
My picks are Peter Shields, Union Park , Washington Inn. Wash Inn also has a great wine cellar.


Been to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Easy to fly to any of them from NYC in less than an hour. Cape Cod is the largest of the three and has a couple of golf courses and the best lobsters. Need a car for that one. Martha’s Vineyard is smaller and quaint. Nantucket is the smallest, most upscale and historic. Both have good bus systems so no car needed. All three are great in the summer for fishing, biking and swimming with lots of quiet beaches. Haven’t been off season. But many restaurants and BnB’s stay open year round.

Different Cape. :wink: