Cape Cod Restaurants

Looking for Cape Cod suggestions as we’ve rented a home in Hyannis this summer. Anything from family casual to more upscale.

Bonus points for any local wine shops too


Highly recommend The Pheasant, and the affiliated Dunn & Sons wine shop.


Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster in Chatham is solid seafood for a pretty good price (for the Cape). Casual spot, good for families. Approx. 30 min. from Hyannis, but Chatham is worth the day trip.

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@David_Kaufman If you are in the area on 6/18, I’m doing a winemaker dinner there w/ guest Chef Cortney Burns- she’s a multi-James Beard winner and one of my favorite chefs.

Thanks, but we are later a bit later in the month/into July

Bring your bottle and glasses. Sit at the picnic tables outside.

I love Cape Cod, and have been going for years now. The restaurant scene is just okay, being totally honest. It’s a tough market as it’s such a seasonal place, so you just wont find the kinds of Michelin guide restaurants you’d expect from any top city.

My trick for great food on the Cape is to simply hit up the local fish markets daily and make everything myself. You can’t beat the access to fresh seafood that the cape offers, and as long as you have access to a grill and a kitchen, you’re golden.

For wine shops, you won’t find a ton, for the same reasons it’s difficult to run a top restaurant on the Cape. But I’ve found a nice, curated selection at Cellar 55, which is right past the Sagamore bridge in Sandwich. Easy enough to make the stop on your way into Hyannis. Prices for everything on the cape will be on the high side, so if you can, bring bottles with you for the trip.

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Lune is a new spot on the Cape in Dennis Port. Reservations are pretty booked for July.

Kate and I are doing an Extradimensional dinner there on 7/10. It is sold out, but there might be a waitlist available.

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We ate here on Monday night. Great suggestion; the farm to table food was delicious as was the atmosphere

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