Candied Persimmons?

Traci wanted to know this and asked me to post to get people’s thoughts.

if a salad called for candied persimmons, what would you do to “candy” them?

I would make a 1:1 simply syrup and place the persimmon in it and slowly cook it until all the water had evaporated.

Thanks Bill. Will give that a try.

… or slice them and cook them in butter and sugar to candy / carmelize them like you might do for nuts or apple or pear slices.

true candied fruit is a bit more complex (it takes a week to weeks) to make but for your needs the process bill mentions is the basic way.

this site describes the basic process but I would do it sans corn syrup. I think it’s Bo Friberg in The Professional Pastry Chef who describes the best technique but it’s not available online. If you search around you can probably find something" onclick=";return false;