Cancelled--OC Offline, Friday Night, 1/17/14 @ 630PM, My House

OK, my wife will be out of town for the weekend and I would like to revisit the theme of blind wines and have some fun discussion. I had thoughts of doing another Playground gig but my sense is that on a Friday night that they will not be eager to have 10 of us in the place, tying up the table past 2 hours.

The theme I would like to explore is the realm of CA doing the lower register. What do I mean? I would like to see the bottles reflect where we have producers pulling things back in, meaning Wind Gap, Ceritas, Kutch, Arnot-Roberts and whatever else you might define in this realm. I am open to amend the theme but I am finding something complelling about this aspect of style.

For food, we can bring in something local and keep it cheap but good. There is Thai or Mexican, both that should ring out at no more than 20 bucks a person, perhaps less.

Who is in, lest I sit over here on 1/17 and drink alone?

Limit is 10, so with me, that means 9.

Frank, count me in. Steve Nordhoff, if you are in town on this Friday, I look forward to you attending this event as it has been a bit since I have had the pleasure of being at a tasting with you.

Tentatively hold one spot for myself, in hopeful anticipation of a successful negotiation with my lovely wife. You all know what I mean.

SPK, even if no one else shows, you and I can beat up a deck of cards, have some mexican food and let a few bottles rip. Thanks for not forcing me to drink alone.

Andrew, we’ll teach you Rosebay Gin if it turns out it is just the 3 of us!

You know I will be all over that.

I may be able to depending on work. I’ll know better in a week or two. So I guess tentative for me.


I’m starting the convincing of my wife right now. I should know within a few days. Tentatively 2 of us. I will have to really search through my cellar to find examples of the style you mentioned. I do have a Dehlinger Cab and some Brewer Clifton Chards but I’ll keep looking.

Dudes, we have Andy tentative, then Mr C needing to convince his wife and then Andrew C having to establish the 2 day shore leave. Why don’t we shelve this idea and then pick up the chase next time.

So let’s cancel, but thanks for taking interest in saving me from my lonely self, happy holidays. [basic-smile.gif]

No problem Frank! Please don’t give up on the idea we are always looking to share some good wine and company.

champagne.gif grouphug