Canadians in here?

Hi. I just joined this group. I’m looking to see if anybody else is from Canada or if there are any sub-forums that would be good to post to specifically for Canadians looks to chat about wines, spirits, and beers. Thanks.

Yup…from minus 30 C Edmonton.

Canadians are like Americans: you can’t go anywhere in the world without running into 1 or 2 of them!


Hi B.J. There are a fair #. No subforums, just start a topic you want to discuss. You may not get too many replies, but yoU never know. Lots of travellers here as well, so our various liquor boards aren’t altogether unknown.

Sup. Toronto 'burbs.

Yup here. Would like to see more topics on BC wines

left Montreal in 85; now in south FL (where else?)

So start one. It’s allowed.

Certainly is, and PM me and some of the others here to make sure it gets our attention. Welcome to the chaos, Bryan!

Hi Bryan J. Law. I was originally born and educated in Hong Kong and I have been living in Canada ( or in Montreal Quebec ) for many, many years.

Welcome on board…

One small observation ( or comment ) regarding the Burgundy market ( SAQ Stores ) here in Quebec. Recently …for the last couple of years - all the Chambertin by D. Mortet ( priced at over CA$700 per ) were bought up very fast …by Chinese customers from Toronto. For example - 2008 was at $ 471 and 2014 was at $ 717… [wow.gif]

Hope you are not a fun of Burgundy wines… newhere

Hey I’ll take SAQ over LCBO any day… except for American whiskey… [wink.gif]

Vancouver here.

It varies. For many lower end wines, LCBO has better price… [cheers.gif] and I used to go to pick-up my orders in Hawksberry.

Sorry…my knowledge with whiskey is next to zero.

Live in Toronto.

Hello from Toronto

You can’t go wrong starting with this guy! When my wife and I recently visited from Texas, Mike was the first person we reached out to and we never felt so well taken care of. Through Mike, we know there is a great group up there. Welcome aboard!

Ok. Any interest in a Vancouver Offline?

Long time lurker from Vancouver here.