Canadian Hard Shell Lobsters $8.99lb

Up to 21/2 lbs at my local store. I was thinking of getting these for the game. Is this a good price?

Unless you live in Canada where they’re caught, it’s a hell of a price.

Agreed - that seems to be a no-brainer

Thanks, I just ordered (2) 2 1/2lb. Bottle of Ramey Chard to go with it?

What time should Bob and I come over?

Go down to James Hook in the Boston Financial district, right off the boat for $4.99lb neener

Picking them up at 6. Do I need extras neener

four words…

Keller’s butter poached lobster

Live it up while you can Rico - in one month you’ll be spending $18.99/Lb


Damn, in one month he’ll be paying $18.99 for cod or scrod. And if you’re paying $18.99, you got scrod.



What level of difficulty is it. How long does it take?" onclick=";return false;

shipping rico back to where he came from finally? [berserker.gif]

If anyone is interested in Chicago, they were $7.50/lb at the Mayflower Market in Chinatown Square last week (2-3 pounders). Not sure what they have now (or the prices), but they had great lobsters and dungeness then (also frogs and turtles [tease.gif] )