Can You Go Vegan For 30-Days?

Veganism would be difficult indeed for me. Not just for the meat – though I do love pork/beef/duck/chicken – but a life without CHEESE is difficult to imagine.

Can’t do it. It is imperative that support jobs in California. If Carrie and I went Vegan for 30 days, the following businesses could go bankrupt, in order of peril: Panda Express, Carl’s Jr., Mary’s Pizza Shack, Don Perico’s (Fajita Palace) and Raley’s Deli.

Oh, forgot, Swanson’s and Stouffers could have a significant dip in sales.

How is it that In and Out Burger is not on this list???

A day.

In and Out Burger is Soylent Green. Greasy fried piece of something they claim is meat. Small, tasteless or taste bad. [barf.gif]

I’ll stick with the $6 Bacon Cheese Burger. [thumbs-up.gif]

[rofl.gif] [berserker.gif]

you are married, you have practice already [snort.gif] [snort.gif]

Fuck no.

I read the thread title as “Can you go to Vegas for 30 days” and my first thought was “Ya, but I’d likely die!”. I suppose the answer stands for both…

It would be hard, there are lots of vegetarians here but mostly Indian, I don’t think many are vegan.

I have no idea which wines I would not be able to drink, are whites more likely to be vegan?

I could do four days maximum for each. [truce.gif]

Better pray your wife never finds out you said this. [wink.gif]

I once had a conversation with a close friend and soccer fan and remarked that I’d give up sex for a year if Arsenal could win the triple (FA Cup, League Championship, European Championship). My girlfriend was not happy (I think she knew that I was serious).

Not sure if I would go vegan for a year to achieve the same result.

I’d live on water and gruel for a year if Arsenal could win the triple.

thankfully I know what it feels like to have United win the treble and not give up sex for a year neener


Charles, you really must join us in the EPL thread.

I was reminded of this at the mention of gruel.

we haven’t been married that long yet! [wow.gif] I’m sorry if you have, brother. I tell ya’ what; you bring the GC Burg., and I’ll bring a shoulder for you to weep on. pepsi

No shit … the last thing I need is her trying to make me go Vegan for 30 days! [wow.gif]

I suppose I could do it as a dietary measure only. But I could never give up my Ferragamos. [snort.gif]