Can You Go Vegan For 30-Days?

Can You Go Vegan For 30-Days?

Vegan lifestyle expert Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s new online program helps participants cut out meat.

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge - Vid

You can visit 30 Day Vegan Challenge for more information, or to sign up and start today. The program costs $35.00 but there is currently a promotion where you can join for $20.00.

I would fail quickly, vegetarian could be possible.

Yes, but why the hell would I want to?

Seriously, why?

Why? Health reasons are normally the most compelling for people who try the 21 or 30 day challenges, but there are others, like lower cost, lowering your environmental impact, etc.

Funny, I was just reading a couple of articles on how the discovery / invention of roasting meat led to the development of human brains to be larger and more networked than other primates:

Maybe, but the theory is cooked food, not just meat, and according to both articles, the theory is still disputed.

Yeah, that’s really more on point with the raw food types and then science is one endless dispute of course. I really was just reading those as research for a newsletter bit, not pulling your chain.


By cost do you mean in dollars? I have a lot of produce spoilage. But, I should use my freezer more.

Not trying to troll, I’m genuinely curious.

Roberto, thanks for the clarification. I was just hoping to provide an answer to your “why.” Putting my soapbox away now…

RA, yes, monetarily cheaper primarily because animal proteins cost more than plant proteins like beans. I also tend to have less produce spoilage now than previously, but mostly because I keep mental track of it more, since I also eat a lot more produce than I used to. But the primary cost savings is because meat and dairy are pretty expensive relative to grains, beans and produce.

But…how could you give up Ice Cream? I might give up wine first…

I honestly think it would be easier for me to go without sex for 30 months than it would be for me to go vegan for 30 days.

Can. Won’t. I like food too much

Humans are omnivores. enough said.

It could be done to prove a point but it would be pointless.


The hardest thing for me wasn’t ice cream. It was half and half in my coffee. That was the last thing to go.

When I am in Brasil with my family, our daily trip to one of several favorite Italian style ice cream stands working with myriad Amazonian fruits and nuts is a sacred ritual not to be tampered with.

Here I try to keep it under control but I can hear Ben and Jerry calling me from the other end of the frozen foods aisle everytime…

Thanks for responding Rachel, makes sense.

Betcha Tex couldn’t do it for a week [snort.gif]

couldn’t make a single meal vegan unless F. Jim’s wife Diane cooked it. Love meat.

Veganism is an odd cult.