Can old wine ever make you sick

If you drink a wine that is either obviously flawed or just dead can it cause sickness.

Alan was talking about a 71 Dom that was sherried, if you did enjoy this for whatever reason is it actually OK to drink ?

made me sick that I wasted good money on it.

I’ve found if I drink a lot of old wine, that I feel woozy, and sometimes have a headache the next morning.

If I were to drink another bottle of 1991 Dominus, it would make me sick to recall that back on release I paid $40, and now the release price is $250 !

Sick with longing?

Sick with regret?

Sick with heartache?

Sick with death!

You can drown in it. I suppose.

My guess is that one would feel worse drinking young wine between the harsh tannins, the sulfur and the sharp acidity.

old wine, no. Bad wine—maybe, if one drinks enough.

I’ve found that when I drink decades old port, I get a really bad headache, right in the middle back portion of my head. Not so with decades old Barolo.

Sure. Every old wine I drink that I cannot afford now makes me sick to my stomach. [barf1.gif]

Maybe drink enough of the chernobyl tainted vintages… [snort.gif]

If a wine was bacterially (or other pathogen) contaminated enough to make you sick, I cant imagine it would taste (smell) remotely good enough to drink any.

Human pathogens don’t grow in wine. BTW, Champagne and Burgundy are more hostile to them than ultra-high Ph GSMs. Just saying.

As far as chemical changes as a wine goes bad, a lot of the byproducts are benign stuff (vinegar, ethyl acetate) but if you have a weak stomach and an active imagination they may bother you if you drink a lot of it. Some byproducts, like acetaldehyde, are toxic (carcinogen) but tend to be in fairly small concentrations. In any case, your saliva and digestive system produce acetaldehyde when metabolizing ethanol. The sherried Dom likely had acetaldehyde, but sherry wine probably has more.

Should probably stop drinking.


Perish the thought, Al.

I’ve never had an old wine cause physical ailments above and beyond the effects of excess.


So, do sherries carry a cancer warning in California?

I am more worried about peoples hands touching the bottle or the glasses being properly cleaned/sanitized.

Old wine, taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the symptoms of intoxication. Intoxication makes you feel ill the next morning. So old wines can make you feel ill.

Older wine has more histamines.

I’ve never heard that. Where did you hear/read that?

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