Can common Oregon corks be used with Coravine?

I find Oregon wines tend to use this kind of corks which looks to me to be some compressed materials. Can these be used with Coravine?

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No, unless you are using the pivot. You could use the coravin, but it will wear down and ruin the needle pretty quickly.

Oh wow, I didn’t know there is a Coravin Pivot. Thanks for mentioning it! However, mine is a needle one. It’s baffling that even very non-entry level Oregon pinot ($50+) are still using these kinda corks …

Because these are DIAM like corks and some consider them superior to natural cork. They also can be more expensive than low end natural cork. They are cork that has been cleaned and chopped and compressed. So don’t think they are cheaping out by using them. Many prefer them because they are said to decrease cork taint and other flaws.


Oregon as a whole is a tertiary market for cork (not that a single cork supplier will ever say that…) so you are prone to see both Diam and screwcaps on nice wines.