Can anyone ID this cab franc? [Update: Found it! $6.99 Lazy Bones and...]

Tried this last night and really liked it, preferred it to the two Burgundies I brought. Read on, not everyone likes it.

Lazy Bones. Hmm.This was fun searching for this, finding it by a picture of the label on Google. Wine-searcher does not have it for sale anywhere. As bonuses, I found a few blogs that review Trader Joe’s wines, and I really like the label now (I no longer see it as a Charles Smith ripoff), and I am intrigued by the vast difference of opinion on this wine, I can’t wait to try it again.

It’s 6.99 at Trader Joe’s.

The first review I found:

“I stopped in at Trader Joe’s the other day to see if they had any new interesting wines. The Gypsy and Lost Sonnet were long gone but they still had some Cocobon. I spotted a new wine in an interesting looking bottle - the 2010 Lazy Bones Paso Robles Cabernet Franc.
2010 Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc
13.6% Alcohol
This stuff is pretty awful. Stewy aromas with a watery transparent mid-palate. Even worse the second day. Avoid.
62/100 WWP: Not Recommended”

The Wellesley Wine Press: 2011 … -joes.html. I disagree with the review but I like the blog. And there’s an RJ reference. I also was intrigued because he reviews inexpensive wines and I’m from Massachusetts and he talks about shipping laws. Anyway, about the blog generally, I recommend it to Mass. readers:
“The Wellesley Wine Press was named Wine Blog of the Month by RJ’s Wine Blog. Thanks! I am honored. RJ is a really helpful guy with particular strength in the wines of Napa.
The Boston Globe’s website has been linking to my recent entries as part of their expanded local coverage including Wellesley. I truly appreciate that as it has driven a lot of local traffic to this site…
It was really nice of Thomas Matthews, Executive Editor of Wine Spectator to leave a comment and then check back and answer some questions I had. Awesome guy! Check it out here. And here…
Thanks to The Boston Globe for including The Wellesley Wine Press in their list of local blogs in the Food & Drink section. Check it out here…
The Wellesley Wine Press was just added to Alltop is an interesting topical take on sorting through the best sites on the Internet- check it out and see which sites are listed for topics you’re most interested in.”

I no longer think the label is a Charles Smith imitation. Here’s an adorable link to the designer: … ones-wine/

Another review, more favorable: … views.html

“finally we have the lazy bones cab-franc. i really like cab-franc and while this wine’s 2009 blend has gotten some bad reviews on other sites, i actually liked it. people complained that the 2009 blend was too oakey. i didn’t try the 09, but the 2010 was very enjoyable for me. it has good flavor, not overpowering, and true to it’s name it relaxes you to the point of being lazy. for $7 i say give it a try! cabernet franc grapes are usually blended with cabernet grapes. i don’t believe it said on the bottle whether or not this was the case with this wine, so it may have been 100% cab-franc. i’m definitely going to be drinking this more when i want something a little heavier than a pinot noir.”

And another:

“Suspicious of the price, but finding it too intriguing to pass up, I picked up a bottle to save for a rainy day. With velvety berry flavors at the jump and appropriate herbal notes in the background, this wine offers enough complexity to make it a good value. Smoother in mouthfeel and lighter in body than your typical Cabernet Sauvignon, Lazy Bones is a nice change of pace for an inexpensive house wine. - See more at: Loading...

And cellartracker gives it an average of 79, very low for cellartracker


I definitely am going to try it again. I was expecting $18 to $25. If I have the same reaction as last night, it’s the best $6.99 wine for my palate I’ve ever had (2009 Jadot Beaujolais was about $7.80). But the majority of reviews say it’s not even worth $6.99. I put it ahead of two Clos St. Denises tasted with it. Maybe the vintage I had was the 2010 and maybe that’s vastly superior to the 2009. Anticipating a wine adventure ahead, on to Trader Joes…