Can anyone explain this? Champagne Pricing...

Last night at 5 minutes to closing a woman who seemed to buy Champagne about once a year called up screaming at us about how we has “ripped her off” on some Milan Champagne (which she had bought at the price listed in the LA Times article on Farmer Fizz yesterday) and pointed to this web site which alleges to be retailing the wines for FAR below wholesale (especially in the case of the Terres de Noel):" onclick=";return false;

You will note that the current vintage of Terres de Noel is 2004 and they are offering the 1995. Perhaps this is an old, dead, never updated web page or is it really possible they couldn’t sell that fantastic Champagne for NINE years?

The about us page indicates that the website was last updated on 07.06.2007.

Thanks, Claude, I was SLAMMING then and now so I didn’t look for that. Even so, selling 1995 Terres de Noel in 2007 seems like they don’t move much fizz…

A close out, maybe?

See. The customer is NOT always right. We should all tell them to f-off more often.


So I should have just taken that 9.8% mortgage and said thank you?

So I should have just taken that 9.8% mortgage and said thank you?

I’d be happy if you just took 5.25 in a 5.00 market - no reason to totally screw people.



In these situations, I make it very clear that they ordered from us. I did not call them, directly email them, or in anyway solicit their business, in a way to rip them off.

The internet is a great tool. If she thinks that she can get the wine for less, tell her to go for it, and move on.

I think you should have given her a credit for the difference. This way, she would shop more frequently in your store.
Oh wait. That’s the Zachy’s thread. pileon neener

I told her that, IF she could get delivery of a case of that Terre de Nöels at $42, I would buy them from her for $52 which would more than cover her “damages”. She backed off considerably after that…

That website won’t even allow me to order that '95. When I try to order the other wine the price goes from $29 to $37. I don’t even have much faith in that.