Camille Giraud 2006 Vaucrains - What to Expect?

I recently picked up a few of these at auction based on a good price (for Australia!) on what little I heard of the producer and certainly the quality of the vineyard. I don’t really want to open one at the moment but am intrigued as to the potential of what I have…has anyone any experience with Camille Giraud Vaucrains and the producer generally that they could share with me?

Thank you for any responses.

Since no one has offered any first-hand experiences, I will offer some vague second-hand ones! :slight_smile:

In Coates’ “Wines of Burgundy” (2008) he gives Camille Giroud a one-star rating and says “…now the most exciting of the smaller negociants in Burgundy.” And “…quality is very good indeed”.

About 2006 he says “…a very variable vintage” and “…the reds are best in Nuits St Georges and Vosne Romanee”. He rated the red vintage 16.0/20. But these comments were very early on, in 2008 or before, and I have no recent personal experiences.

And Vaucrains is one of the best sites in NSG, “…sturdy and full-bodied…”.

So…maybe…one has the required elements for an excellent 20-year test of one’s patience! :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul, I think I’ll hide them away in the back corner of the cellar and forget about them for at least a decade with the Chevillons I managed to buy.


I recently had an excellent 93 Giroud NSG Les St. Georges, and for my taste, I thought it was just at the beginning of its peak drinking window.

Vaucrains often have muscular structures and require considerable time to resolve, though, generally, 06 shouldn’t require as much aging as 93. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if Giroud’s wines from the early 90s required more aging than those now being made by David Croix.

Though I haven’t tasted an 06 Giroud Vaucrains, I would guess that a bottle might be approachable at age 10, but it might not be near its best until age 15 or 18.