Cameron Hughes Lot 633

Has anybody tried it? In his email on this wine, he speaks of it as something that is currently being sold for $30 or so a bottle and getting 90+ ratings. Any clues to what winery he is getting this from? This is what he says about it.

“Boasting multiple 90+ point scores, gold medals and a few “best CA Riesling” exclamations from critics, this wine sells for about $30 out of the tasting room, available today under our Lot 633 moniker for $13/bottle.”

Thats a heck of a deal. I don’t drink Rieslings per se…

Have you tried his lot 585 Spring Mountain Meritage?.

Roger, I have not tried lot 585. But, I got an email from the winery, and they say this Riesling is like their one from Washington. They said “Both the Washington and the Napa Rieslings are off-dry (semi-sweet).” I’m not really sure how that would work with me. Wonder if anybody has also tried the Washington version of CH’s Riesling, and can let us know just how sweet they are?

Sorry, that nomenclature isn’t the most accurate as the wine is in the middle, somewhere in between what are technically considered dry (10g/L or less) and off-dry (I believe under 20g/L). The RS on this wine is 14g/L.

I think the impression is of a fairly dry Riesling, certainly versus its counterparts in the marketplace.

Cheers! Cameron

Cameron, is this wine for sale in Costco? And thanks for the update. Would like to try one if it is in Costco.

Sorry, we no longer sell wine to Costco. The only place you can purchase is on Your on our mailing list it sounds like so you are probably aware there is sale going on right now.

Looked at some feed-back on the Washington wine, and have ordered 6 of the Washington and 6 of the Napa Valley Rieslings. Thanks for the info.